Mike Brown, Part 2 Ends the Same as Part 1 – Badly

When Cavs general manager Chris Grant was relieved of his duties during the season, it seemed pretty clear that head coach Mike Brown was on borrowed time. And sure enough, the announcement finally came with Brown being released.

You might think about what took so long to give Brown the hook. The realistic answer is that in spite of numerous tales of dysfunction within the organization, the Cavs were, up until the last three games of the regular season, still in the playoff race.

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The Donald Sterling You’ve Always Known

Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling hasn’t really made it much of a secret he’s been in a stiff competition with Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria for being the worst owner in professional sports. His reputation for being a penny-pincher and, to put it bluntly, a jerk has been widely regarded.

What seems to have escaped everyone, though, is that Sterling doesn’t have the best record with race relations, either, which is an odd quality to have being the owner of a team in a sport such as basketball. Just ask former general manager Elgin Baylor, who sued Sterling after he was fired back in 2009 for employment discrimination.

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Where’s Dan Gilbert?

It seems like it’s been ages ago since Dan Gilbert stood up and laid any kind of verbal smackdown. True, he will be forever remembered as the guy who wrote a rant letter using Comic Sans. But we also thought he would be remembered from┬ábeing the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, a team that stared adversity in the face and overcame it.

That’s hasn’t really been the case.

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The Sin Tax Renewal Vote – From the View of an Outsider

I don’t live in Cuyahoga County anymore.

Now, when it comes to the issue of the renewal of the sin tax that has been in place to build Quicken Loans Arena, Progessive Field and FirstEnergy Stadium, I kind of don’t have a horse in this race. After all, I don’t smoke and if I wanted to buy alcohol, I wouldn’t have to travel to Cuyahoga County to get it.

At the same time, how many people in Cuyahoga County regularly visit any of those three venues? Judging by attendance at Cavs and Indians games, not many. And in all three cases, most of those visitors are people like me who live outside the county.

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The Indians Sold Out Opening Day. How About the Other Games?

It’s always nice to see when the Cleveland Indians have a packed house. Many of us can still remember the 455 straight times in happened during their hey-day in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

And for the Home Opener this season, there will be a full ballpark again, as seats for the Tribe’s first game at Progressive Field sold out in 15 minutes. Even though the Indians sell out every home opener (This will be the 22nd straight year), people are pointing to the speed that these tickets were snapped up this time around.

Now that fans have taken care for the first home game, as they have reliably done every year, what’s the story on the rest of the season’s home stands?

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Where Did Cleveland Sports Radio Go Wrong?

By all accounts, this should have been a Renaissance era for Cleveland sports radio. It started with the acquisition of WKNR from Salem Communications by Good Karma Broadcasting, who, in turn, snapped up additional bandwidth on 1540-AM as well.

Then came the CBS conversion of 92.3 from their awkward “No DJ” format to a sports one, following in the footsteps of their tried and true The Fan blueprint.

We all had high hopes, didn’t we? It was supposed to be a more diverse landscape, and plenty of room for everyone, right?


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For Mike Lombardi, the Jilted Ex-Girlfriend Gets Dumped Again

As much of a level 5 biohazard that the Cleveland Browns are, you have to admit it. You sort of feel pretty good today.

Owner Jimmy Haslam, who’s clearly agitated with being called one of the Three Stooges, jettisoned Larry and Curly today, announcing that CEO Joe Banner and general manager Mike Lombardi were history.

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