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Where Did Cleveland Sports Radio Go Wrong?

By all accounts, this should have been a Renaissance era for Cleveland sports radio. It started with the acquisition of WKNR from Salem Communications by Good Karma Broadcasting, who, in turn, snapped up additional bandwidth on 1540-AM as well.

Then came the CBS conversion of 92.3 from their awkward “No DJ” format to a sports one, following in the footsteps of their tried and true The Fan blueprint.

We all had high hopes, didn’t we? It was supposed to be a more diverse landscape, and plenty of room for everyone, right?


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Teed Off Live Starts October 9th at 7:00pm!

Timing truly is everything.


No sooner than I start a new era of Teed Off up, I’ve put together something with Eugene McCormick of the online news site, the Cleveland Leader. In recent months, the site has delivered countless live video offerings through their YouTube channel, including the popular Cleveland Browns Methadone broadcast.

And I’m happy to announced that starting October 9th, Teed Off Live will be on the air with the Leader via YouTube every Wednesday evening at 7:00pm Eastern! We’ll be tackling the latest sports issues of the day, especially when it comes to everything Cleveland.

I look forward to working with Eugene to bring this to life, and I want you to join us! And during the broadcast, be sure to join me on Twitter and follow along!

Why Passing Off Sports Lists as Articles Is Silly

Earlier this week, Cleveland fans had a reason to be annoyed when a writer from GQ Magazine decided to post a list of the 20 worst sports franchises in history. Of course, at the top of the list was every Cleveland team.

I’m sure you know the writer of this piece by now, which many of you have had no problem used to tear him apart. He shall remain nameless here for many reasons, but mostly because of being very guilty of committing journalistic malpractice. Well, that and the fact he also wrote a list of the worst rappers, in which he included Eazy-E and Too Short.

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