Where’s Dan Gilbert?

It seems like it’s been ages ago since Dan Gilbert stood up and laid any kind of verbal smackdown. True, he will be forever remembered as the guy who wrote a rant letter using Comic Sans. But we also thought he would be remembered from being the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, a team that stared adversity in the face and overcame it.

That’s hasn’t really been the case.

You would have thought that with all of the lottery picks they’re been able to grab over the past four years, they’d be a little better than a sub-.500 team at this point. The Cavs do have one of the better backcourts in the form of Kyrie Irving and Dion Waters, but there’s always been rumblings that the two can’t get along.

So what? Shaq and Kobe didn’t either, and look how that turned out.

Irving and Waiters aside, there were points during this season where it appeared that the dysfunction inside Quicken Loans Arena was beginning to reach Browns-like levels. General manager Chris Grant was dismissed, and there’s still not clear idea whether his interim, David Griffin, or head coach Mike Brown are staying.

Now, normally this is the time when Gilbert comes in and says something. Anything.

But just like earlier in the season when Cavs fans clamored for any kind of response from their own, all they’re getting now is an eerie silence.

It has almost gotten to the point where we may want to consider putting Gilbert on the back of a milk carton or perhaps sending out an Amber Alert. Or maybe we can wander around downtown Detroit and bump into him as he buys another piece of property.

This was supposed to be the year that the Cavs turned it around. It didn’t happen. And for all the talk and bluster, the fact that Gilbert (and everyone else in the organization, for that matter) have clammed up is troubling.


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