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Where’s Dan Gilbert?

It seems like it’s been ages ago since Dan Gilbert stood up and laid any kind of verbal smackdown. True, he will be forever remembered as the guy who wrote a rant letter using Comic Sans. But we also thought he would be remembered from┬ábeing the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers, a team that stared adversity in the face and overcame it.

That’s hasn’t really been the case.

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There’s Not Going to be a Kyrie Irving Watch, Is There?

The Cavaliers have already had a nice start to their preseason with a 99-87 win over the Milwaukee Bucks. As usual, start point guard Kyrie Irving had a good debut, with 14 points and three assists in limited action.

But, of course, since this is a contract year for Irving, and Cavs fans have been burned before, we’re already starting to hear the concerns that he will seek life elsewhere.

We’ve heard all the arguments before. Cleveland’s not a destination market. Kyrie wants the lights of the city.

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The Cavs’ (Not So) Big Andrew Bynum Gamble

Prior to the 2012-13 season, the Los Angeles Lakers needed to make a huge deal to acquire Dwight Howard, which meant that their prized center, Andrew Bynum, was very, very expendable. Rumors swirled that one of the potential partners in the three-way deal necessary to make the trade possible were the Cleveland Cavaliers.

That scenario never happened, and Bynum was sent to the Philadelphia 76ers, who agreed to put the remaining pieces together to send Howard from Orlando to Los Angeles. At the time, there were plenty of grumbles about how Cavs general manager Chris Grant didn’t pull the trigger on a trade.

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