Mike Brown, Part 2 Ends the Same as Part 1 – Badly

When Cavs general manager Chris Grant was relieved of his duties during the season, it seemed pretty clear that head coach Mike Brown was on borrowed time. And sure enough, the announcement finally came with Brown being released.

You might think about what took so long to give Brown the hook. The realistic answer is that in spite of numerous tales of dysfunction within the organization, the Cavs were, up until the last three games of the regular season, still in the playoff race.

The be in the playoff hunt wasn’t good enough, though, especially for a team that has been flat-out awful since the end of Mike Brown, Part 1. And this was with a slew lottery picks, along with the pick-up of both Luol Deng and Spencer Hawes.

However, did anyone really think Brown had a chance to succeed when he was hired? When in his entire career as a head coach has he had any experience with shaping a young team and moving them forward?

Look what happened with the No. 1 pick, Anthony Bennett. Brown essentially threw him in a bag and forgot about him for most of the year. That’s not exactly what’s supposed to happen with a top pick. And now, Bennett is put in the same conversation as some of the worst picks in NBA history.

Then there was the ongoing issue with Kyrie Irving and Dion Waters. While nobody disputes that they are both highly talented, it seemed as if the two could never get along enough to make it work. The entire situation gave the Cavs a black eye. Could it have been head off by Brown? Possibly, but again, has anyone seen him ever deal with that before?

In the end, Brown’s inability to push his team to break through was his ultimate undoing, just like it was during his last stint when he couldn’t get the Cavs further in the playoffs. So, in effect, we all knew how this movie was going to end.

It was just a matter of when.


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