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For Mike Lombardi, the Jilted Ex-Girlfriend Gets Dumped Again

As much of a level 5 biohazard that the Cleveland Browns are, you have to admit it. You sort of feel pretty good today.

Owner Jimmy Haslam, who’s clearly agitated with being called one of the Three Stooges, jettisoned Larry and Curly today, announcing that CEO Joe Banner and general manager Mike Lombardi were history.

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Jimmy Haslam Wrote a Letter? I Can Do That, Too!

Dear Mr. Haslam:

I hope things are well and you’re getting out of that whole mess of an alleged rebate scam Pilot Flying J has been dealing with. I’m sure you can probably appreciate that we’d rather not see your 100-year old dad have to take over in the event you get hit with jail time.

Anyway, I had a specific reason for writing you, or maybe it’s because you wrote a letter to the fans, I felt compelled, as a Cleveland Browns fan, to respond to whatever it was you were trying to say.

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And So Continues the Brown and Orange Fraud

Well, that didn’t take long for all that huffing and puffing from a confident and driven Browns front office to wear off.

After a season where Joe Banner and Mike Lombardi decided scrambling around for a capable quarterback and tracking what little running game they had for a draft pick in a range this team hasn’t really done anything with, who do they blame? It would appear that answer is first-year head coach Rob Chudzinski, according to numerous reports.

So, Banner and Lombardi, who came in acting like their football expertise and superior mental acumen would make a quantum leap in the Browns progress, lay their faults on a first-year head coach who was stuck with a quarterback carousel? Yes, that makes complete sense.

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There Is No Tebow Time in Cleveland

Here we go again.

Every single time that there is some sort of quarterback controversy in Cleveland, especially the last 3 years, whose name keeps coming up?

That’s right. Tim Tebow.

Forget the fact that no team has actually wanted Tebow he was cut by the New England Patriots and that not even his hometown team of Jacksonville wants him (Though that may have more to do with the fact that they’re tanking the season so they can get the number one draft pick).

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The Browns Sideshow Must Stop

Does it seem like every other day, a story about the Browns that has absolutely nothing to do with football crops up?

While there is, of course, the ongoing saga with Pilot Flying J, the truck-stop empire run by Browns owner Jimmy Haslam. Between the federal investigation into the alleged rebate scheme and the occasional lawsuit filed, there hasn’t been much breathing room between stories.

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What Happened to the Plan of NOT Trading Josh Gordon?

Call me crazy, but it didn’t seem that long ago when Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski sat in front of the Cleveland media and told everyone in the room that wide receiver Josh Gordon wasn’t going any where.

This apparently hasn’t stopped anyone, including NFL.com, from reporting that talks are being rumored between the Browns and the 49ers for Gordon and potentially a second-round draft pick.

I’d like to say that this can’t be happening, but this is the same group that jettisoned last year’s top draft pick Trent Richardson.

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