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More Darrell Wallace, Jr., Less Danica Patrick, Please

There’s always been a long-standing debate in auto racing about a stunning lack of diversity. To most, it’s a all-male, all-white sport, especially in NASCAR, where even the occasional foreign driver like Juan Pablo Montoya is seen as a rarity.

What’s ironic, though, is that a bright, shining spotlight has been shown on one driver looking to change that, while another is slowly but surely breaking down walls without the fanfare.

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Dear IndyCar: Bring Back the Cleveland Grand Prix

Since the merger between the Indy Racing League and CART to form the new (insert new sponsor here) IndyCar Series in 2008, Cleveland has been on the outside looking in. Now, it would appear the series is hurting for races, seeing as how they practically willed the Grand Prix of Baltimore into existence, only to have that whole thing die a horrible death, thanks to, of all things, Ohio State football.

And yes, I recognize that IndyCar already has one race an hour and a half away at Mid-Ohio. But that argument is seriously starting to lose its luster when you consider they have been going out of their way to schedule two races at the same track in the last year.

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