The Indians Sold Out Opening Day. How About the Other Games?

It’s always nice to see when the Cleveland Indians have a packed house. Many of us can still remember the 455 straight times in happened during their hey-day in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

And for the Home Opener this season, there will be a full ballpark again, as seats for the Tribe’s first game at Progressive Field sold out in 15 minutes. Even though the Indians sell out every home opener (This will be the 22nd straight year), people are pointing to the speed that these tickets were snapped up this time around.

Now that fans have taken care for the first home game, as they have reliably done every year, what’s the story on the rest of the season’s home stands?

This is the time when Cleveland sports fans, who have spent the entire winter getting beaten down by the futility and dysfunction of their other two sports teams, to finally accept that for all of their faults, the Dolans have put together one of most drama-free organizations in town, perhaps even the league. They’ve never shied away from scrutiny, even when there was plenty of reason to do so (i.e. trading Cy Young winners two years in a row).

In fact, they still operate under the overriding theme of embracing the community, You’ve seen proof of it through the implementation of the Indians Social Suite, a concept that takes users of social media, something that’s caused dread among other teams, and given them first-class treatment.

Yes, there will be times this season when the Tribe will make us absolutely crazy, like Chris Perez did for most of last season. However, the Indians remain in the best position of any Cleveland team to make a real playoff push, so perhaps it’s time to reward them appropriately,

Here’s the believing that on top of those Home Opener tickets you bought, there’s a few other home game tickets in there as well.


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