For Mike Lombardi, the Jilted Ex-Girlfriend Gets Dumped Again

As much of a level 5 biohazard that the Cleveland Browns are, you have to admit it. You sort of feel pretty good today.

Owner Jimmy Haslam, who’s clearly agitated with being called one of the Three Stooges, jettisoned Larry and Curly today, announcing that CEO Joe Banner and general manager Mike Lombardi were history.

With Lombardi, there has to be a sense of relief coming over Browns fans right now. Nobody dug the idea of him coming here after years of ripping the organization as part of the NFL Network. And plenty of folks still remember his stellar record when he was with the Browns before the team left in 1995.

Surely you remember “Touchdown” Tommy Vardell or Eric Zeier or maybe even Craig Powell.

No? Then perhaps you remember the infamous Bernie Kosar-“diminishing skills” fiasco.

Whatever the case may be, since bouncing around the league making various other teams worse (though in the case of the Raiders, did they really need any help?), his tenure at the NFL Network was rife with plenty of trash-talking in Cleveland’s general direction.

The second time around was, at the very least, Lombardi’s put-up-or-shut-up moment. And as we know, that whole putting up thing lasted about a year. And now he’s gone.

So what does that mean? Lombardi, who has basically acted like a jilted ex-girlfriend since his departure from the Browns the first time around, can more or less relinquish his right to talk junk about any other team. Ever.

He couldn’t make the Browns work, and he spent all that time hiding behind you even more egotistical boss Banner the entire time he was here. He accomplished nothing, So he can have fun wherever it is he’s heading.

And if it happens to be in some sort of capacity in the media, best believe that Browns fans will follow, spewing their much-deserved venom in his general direction.

Soak it in, Lombardi. You’ve earned it.


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