2013 – The Year That Was (Completely Forgettable for All But Indians Fans)

So, Cleveland, what was your 2013 like? Unless you rooted for only the Indians (and judging by the attendance, you clearly didn’t), your sports year was pretty bad.

You shouldn’t have been surprised when Browns owner Jimmy Haslam and president Joe Banner named Mike Lombardi their general manager. Soon after, they shoved him in a bag and buried him. That’s the perception, really, given all the smack that Lombardi talked in the Browns’ general direction.

If Lombardi is actually in charge of any personnel moves, we can certainly thank him for doing absolutely nothing in the free agent market, leaving more than $20 million in salary cap space, and the 2013 NFL Draft, where he got Barkevious Mingo. He was OK, plus he gets bonus points for having Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe, as a fan. But other than that, the Browns did absolutely nothing, except trading Trent Richardson for a bag of magic beans, otherwise known as the Indianapolis Colts’ first rounder.

Someone needs to corner Lombardi and ask him why he act like he’s an jilted ex-girlfriend. Seriously, Mike. You know we can’t stand you! At least feign an interest in proving us wrong about the fact that you’re completely incompetent as a GM!

I digress. On to the Cavaliers…

Kyrie Irving plays like he doesn’t want to be here. And dependent on the MRI after his injury in the loss against the Pacers, Cavs general manager Chris Grant  could have Jedi mind-tricked a team into taking him and giving up half their team in exchange. But no. Dion Waiters appears to be on the block.

And yet, because the Eastern Conference is a Level 5 Biohazard, the Cavaliers are still in the playoff hunt. Talk about lowered expectations.

It seems like burying the lede (and yes, I am spelling that right), but the Indians were the only feel-good story of the year, even in spite of their sad closer, Chris Perez, who, had he not blown the save on August 5th against the Tigers, the Tribe would be looking not at a one-gamer against the Rays but a five-game AL Divisional Series.

Good-bye, Pure Rage. Good luck beating out Brian Wilson for a spot in the Dodgers bullpen.

All in all, folks, is that 2013 should have finally given us the chance to get all of that hate we had for the Dolans out of our hearts. Give them the benefit of the doubt, finally. You proved that by selling out that Wild Card game. Try to do the same on a game that’s not Opening Day.

The reality is this, Cleveland fans. We have all spent far too long worshiping at the altar of football. And where has that gotten us?

This town needs to get behind baseball again, and not just at Progressive Field. It’s got to come down to the high schools to the local and the local sandlots.


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