And So Continues the Brown and Orange Fraud

Well, that didn’t take long for all that huffing and puffing from a confident and driven Browns front office to wear off.

After a season where Joe Banner and Mike Lombardi decided scrambling around for a capable quarterback and tracking what little running game they had for a draft pick in a range this team hasn’t really done anything with, who do they blame? It would appear that answer is first-year head coach Rob Chudzinski, according to numerous reports.

So, Banner and Lombardi, who came in acting like their football expertise and superior mental acumen would make a quantum leap in the Browns progress, lay their faults on a first-year head coach who was stuck with a quarterback carousel? Yes, that makes complete sense.

All fans have been able to talk about since this team decided to tank is draft position. Exactly what does anyone think that Banner and Lombardi are going to do with it? I’m still trying to figure out what they did in the 2013 Draft, besides Barkevious Mingo. Did they get any kind of impact player at all?

The salary cap argument is a non-starter, too. Yes, the Browns will have gobs of space. So what? They had that kind of space last year, and they still have millions left over.

One of two things is going on there: Either Banner and Lombardi are being too picky for their own good, or no self-respecting football player in the prime of their career wants to come to Cleveland.

With that said, you may want to go ahead and say your good-byes to T.J. Ward and Alex Mack while you’re at it. Run, gentlemen. Run away as fast as you can. I bear no grudge and don’t blame you for leaving if you choose to do so.

Throughout the year, the Browns have gone with the, “We’re smarter than you” approach. And yet, they finished one game worse than they did last year, and the clubs looks to be in even bigger shambles than the end of last year.

For anyone in football, it’s pretty clear that since 1999, a stop in Cleveland has meant nothing more than either a paycheck or a chance to get into the NFL, nothing more. To say that we’ve seen anything but fleeting images of real professional football in those 14 years would be a level of self-delusion that can only be reserved for the most desperate of fans.

And you know there’s some snide gent in the NFL offices sitting back with an evil chuckle, saying, “Well, Cleveland? You wanted a team. What are you complaining about?”

Sure we did, NFL. Just let us know when that team shows up.


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