The Browns – Like the Three Stooges, Except not as Funny

You know the Three Stooges, those lovable buffoons that, no matter what they do, seem to gum up the works.

Does that sound familiar to anyone?

If you’ve watched the Cleveland Browns the last two games, it most definitely should.

A better comparison, at this point, should be the old Bozo Show on WGN. For those who remember, at the end of almost every show, Cookie, Bozo’s sidekick, always tried to convince his friend to lead the Grand March. Bozo would dangle that carrot of hope at Cookie, only to best his chum in a battle of wits.

But that may be a bit obscure to many of you. So, the Three Stooges it is.

However, you’ve notice that the manner in which the Browns have lost over the past two games is pretty far from lovable and bordering criminal. First, they completely blow a chance to beat the clubhouse leader for worst team in the NFL, the Jacksonville Jaguars.

As embarrassing as that loss was, nothing compared to their utter loss of composure in the face of serious adversity against the New England Patriots. Yes, the entire league, with the exception of the officiating crew on the field, thought the Browns got hosed. But a lot of that could have been avoided if someone, anyone, had grabbed the onside kick!

To add insult to injury, you have an entire swath of the fan base who audaciously could care less about this game. What were they worried about? Draft position!

Could somebody remind me, in the history of this team in brown and orange parading around as the Browns since 1999, have any of their drafts been strong? Ever?

If this is how you justify why you’re still clinging on to this foolish hope that somebody the Browns will turn it around, I can’t stop you. But this team’s losing ways are to the point where they’re comical.

Not Three Stooges comical, but comical regardless.


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