The NBA Hurts My Soul

The 2013-14 NBA season is upon us, and to nobody’s surprise, the league has drawn all attention to the defending champions, the Miami Heat. Meanwhile, the rest of the NBA languishes in their spotlight.

Nobody should be surprised by this. Throughout commissioner David Stern’s tenure, the idea of parity within the league is a completely laughable concept. A new collective bargaining agreement is supposed to put an end to the so-called superteam concept that started with the Heat and spread to the other big-market teams, with varying results.

Meanwhile, as smaller-market squads, the most prominent being the Indiana Pacers, are knocking on the door. Yet, it continues to seem like there will be no window of opportunity for them or any other team like them, which includes, among others, the Oklahoma City Thunder.

You’d like to believe that the NBA’s salary cap would have brought a great deal more parity than it actually has. However, what Stern likely didn’t count on, or probably didn’t care about, is the idea that players would get drafted to a team they didn’t want to spend much time, then either bail to join a more popular team or stomp their feet until they got the trade they wanted.

There’s a great deal of truth to the notion that the NBA is a player’s league, and judging by the end results, that’s not really a good thing. As basketball fans, we should struggle to understand why we even bother with the pros, seeing as how many of the players really could care less about the fans.

It’s hard to figure out which players are the real deal and will stay in one place. You’d hope more people are like Kevin Durant or Tim Duncan. Instead, you see them get drowned out by the Dwight Howards of the world.

So, going into the new season, does anyone really think that things will change and the NBA Finals won’t end with the Heat winning another championship?

The only thought scarier than that is if they played the series against a Los Angeles Clippers team owned by Donald Sterling. Yeah, that Donald Sterling.



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