Are the Browns Worth Our Attention Anymore?

The Cleveland Browns lost again. We can go and blame Brandon Weeden, but this was one of those true team losses, in which most of the team essentially rolled over and died, with some noted exceptions.

Insanity, as they say, is trying the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. With that, I must ask you, Browns fans…

Are we completely crazy?

No matter who has been running the show in Berea, it seems like they’re all running the same tired playbook. Build through the draft, do enough in free agency not to annoy anyone, blah blah blah.

The Browns have tried every Frankenstein experiment at coach, be it hot coordinators, college coaches, NFL coaches who were perceived not to get a fair shake, and still things haven’t changed.

We are annually led to believe that the head coach is bolstered by coordinators with a vast wealth of football knowledge and proven experience at their position. Why is it, then, that when they arrive in Cleveland, they act as if their IQs have dropped 50 points?

There has to come a point when the public completely gives up on the Browns like they did, say, with the Indians during the 2000s. But we hold on. And we’re egged on, moreover, by the media.

It’s true. Just a small sampling of Cleveland sports talk radio will tell you everything you know about the Browns. Why? Because that’s all anyone talks about. Forget the Cavaliers, Indians, college basketball or even college football. The Browns are either on the minds of people, or that’s what the radio stations would like for you to think.

But it’s truly not worth it anymore. There have to be countless things to do besides holding out hope that somehow the Browns are going to get it together, seeing as how judging from the history since they came back into the league, that day is a long way, if ever, coming.


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