NFL Fans Are Losing It

And while Matt Schaub was being carted off the field…fans cheered. Really.

Over the summer, between watching the Browns preseason and the Indians run to the post-season, I also happened to come across another season the CBS reality show Big Brother. Yes, it was as bad as it sounds, and yes, I had to spend two weeks scrubbing my eyeballs to wash away the visuals of those loathsome people.

But what I found was quite disturbing. There lies a subset of fans so innately crazy and unhinged, that even now, some of them are wishing bodily harm on each other, posting personal information of fans and other acts of sheer lunacy. Keep in mind the season has long been over and won’t be back until next summer.

NFL fans, you are coming dangerously close to rivaling this band of nutbags.

First, and the most obvious, is Brandon Weeden’s interception against the Detroit Lions, which has been widely hailed as one of the dumbest throws ever to have been delivered by an NFL quarterback. Even Weeden himself said it was a boneheaded play.

This hasn’t stopped one fan from publicly burning his Weeden jersey and posting it on YouTube (Thanks to Waiting for Next Year for the clip). Lost in this act of pyromania is the fact that this fan spent the money to buy the jersey in the first place. I guess he’s taking the saying “setting money on fire” literally.

However, this is nothing in comparison to the Houston Texans fans who have been lately acting out of their gourds. It started with the guys who pulled up to beleaguered quarterback Matt Schaub’s driveway and cursed at his house. Then came the grand finale on Sunday against the Rams, in which he suffered a foot injury.

And the crowd cheered.

Forget the fact that Schaub’s replacement, T.J. Yates, didn’t do any better, tossing an interception that was returned for a touchdown. But let’s not have facts get in the way of a good heckling.

At this point, nobody can put their fingers on when exactly this boorish behavior started, though many could point to the 70s (e.g. Eagles fans booing Santa Claus). But in the end, it’s just a game. There’s always next week.


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