There’s Not Going to be a Kyrie Irving Watch, Is There?

The Cavaliers have already had a nice start to their preseason with a 99-87 win over the Milwaukee Bucks. As usual, start point guard Kyrie Irving had a good debut, with 14 points and three assists in limited action.

But, of course, since this is a contract year for Irving, and Cavs fans have been burned before, we’re already starting to hear the concerns that he will seek life elsewhere.

We’ve heard all the arguments before. Cleveland’s not a destination market. Kyrie wants the lights of the city.

It’s maddening at this point, though not really uncommon for any team not in a big market to have experienced at one point in time.

However, thanks to the more recent Collective Bargaining Agreement, the Reign of the Superteams may soon be coming to an end. Hefty penalties will soon be levied against teams that are repeatedly over the salary cap, and that should essentially mean that even the superstars that have banded together in recent years will soon be parting ways.

However, there’s another legitimate reason why for all the hand-wringing and speculation, it’s not really probably that Irving would go anywhere at the moment. Since his arrival, the Cavaliers have slowly but surely rebuilt themselves through the draft, and what had previously been a liability for the team, namely not having enough talent around a superstar, it’s simply no longer true.

This season should provide some real proof of that. With a team that consists of five lottery picks, as well as some real meat in the line-up, thanks to the signings of Jarrett Jack and Andrew Bynum, among others, there shouldn’t be any reason why the Cavs shouldn’t be at least a playoff contender.

So when you look at the reality of the situation, Irving is poised to be the leader of a young and very athletic team that could make a serious impact in the NBA for years to come. Why on earth would you want to give that up?



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