The Browns Sideshow Must Stop

Does it seem like every other day, a story about the Browns that has absolutely nothing to do with football crops up?

While there is, of course, the ongoing saga with Pilot Flying J, the truck-stop empire run by Browns owner Jimmy Haslam. Between the federal investigation into the alleged rebate scheme and the occasional lawsuit filed, there hasn’t been much breathing room between stories.

But now it appears that other members of the team have to get themselves in the news for things not related to football. There’s the endless stories about how Browns players are completely unable to drive normally, and yes, I’m talking to you, Greg Little! Remember, he’s not the only one. Offensive guard Shaun Lauvao also had himself an excursion on when he stuck his car into a hole on I-90.

Then there’s Director of Player Personnel Jon Sandusky. As if apparently being the son of that other Sandusky wouldn’t warrant the need to stay under the radar, he was arrested under suspicion of drunk driving in North Dakota. Most people, though, are just wondering what he was doing in North Dakota.

It doesn’t seem that a regime change has really affected this long-standing issue within the Browns organization since 1999, which is this never-ending stream of non-football news. Be it varying traffic violations, players with loudmouth agents (like, you know, Peyton Hillis), and let’s not forget the wiener dog races.

For just one season, I’d really like for us to have our attention drawn to the product on the field, and only the product on the field. Unless the Bearded Lady can replace Oniel Cousins in the lineup, I’m tired of this ongoing sideshow.


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