The De-Evolution of Mack Brown

Remember when the University of Texas football team was actually good?

It wasn’t that long ago. The Longhorns had rapid successions of Vince Young and Colt McCoy, both of which had no real problems dispatching would-be comers. And the Texas faithful were incredibly happy.

But now, it seems like the wheels came off the the wagon, so to speak, and Longhorns coach Mack Brown is really close to getting fired in the parking lot a la Lane Kiffin. This tends to happen when you think a famous alum’s sibling is going to be just as good at quarterback, not to mention any names (Hint: Last name is McCoy).

Where did it all go wrong for Brown? Some would inexplicably point to the launch of the Longhorn Network, the television collaboration between Texas and ESPN. Brown hasn’t been very shy about not liking the network very much, publicly stating that it’s had too much of a negative impact on his program.

Realistically, though, Brown’s demise was put in place long before his most recent struggles. Keep in mind that prior to Young and Colt McCoy showing up on campus, the Longhorns were basically being owned by Oklahoma every single season, a trend with which the Sooners have had no problem getting back into the swing of things.

With the next Red River Shootout fast approaching, all indications are this is Browns’ last chance to redeem himself. There have already been rumblings about replacing him, even to the point where fantastic rumors involving jets and Alabama coach Nick Saban have been tossed out.

One thing is very clear. No matter the reasoning, Brown lost this team and lost it pretty quickly, and there’s not real path forward for him to get it back.

That probably means he may not want to go out to the parking lot of the Cotton Bowl after Saturday’s game.


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