What Happened to the Plan of NOT Trading Josh Gordon?

Call me crazy, but it didn’t seem that long ago when Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski sat in front of the Cleveland media and told everyone in the room that wide receiver Josh Gordon wasn’t going any where.

This apparently hasn’t stopped anyone, including NFL.com, from reporting that talks are being rumored between the Browns and the 49ers for Gordon and potentially a second-round draft pick.

I’d like to say that this can’t be happening, but this is the same group that jettisoned last year’s top draft pick Trent Richardson.

And while it seems that it’s becoming less likely that the Niners will want to make a move for Gordon, given their top receivers Michael Crabtree and Mario Manningham are getting back into the lineup, it doesn’t lessen what has become a rather regular stressful exercise on the part of Browns fans.

OK, Joe Banner and Mike Lombardi. We get the message now. You don’t like what Mike Holmgren picked up, and anyone on the offense not named Joe Thomas or Alex Mack is replaceable. Now, cut it out already!

But, given the attitude displayed by mostly Banner, who has apparently shoved Lombardi in a glass case to only be let out in case of emergency or to trade another player, the overriding opinion is that they don’t exactly care what fans think, and they will just go ahead and do what they please with this roster.

However, at 3-2 and with a fairly competitive schedule that may actually have the Browns in a position to make some actual progress from the previous years, what’s the point? Is the front office really that concerned that Gordon will have another problem with the league’s drug policy? Do they think the record is merely fool’s gold and eventually, the other shoe will drop?

Nobody really knows for sure, but what is pretty evident is that once again, the Browns are the subject of trade rumors that are either meant to reinforce the front office’s lack of concern for the mental health of the fan base or it’s the media trolling us all.

I’d hope it’s the latter that’s true, because I can at least deal with that.


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