Of Course Terrelle Pryor Is Good. Just Don’t Ask Ohio State Fans to Like Him

Despite the fact that, for whatever reason, the Oakland Raiders were mentioned as a possible landing spot for former Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman (He eventually signed with the Vikings), it would appear that a familiar face to us all is doing just fine putting the Silver and Black on the road back to relevance.

Since taking over the starting job, Terrelle Pryor has slowly but surely led his team back to the .500 mark, both with his arm and his feet. This was capped by a 18-for-23 passing performance with 221 yards and two touchdowns in the Raiders’ 27-17 late-night win against the Charger.

But anyone who follows Ohio State knew that Pryor was capable of such feats. They probably won’t want to admit it publicly.

After all, it was Pryor, among others, who had a hand in pulling the Buckeye football program into turmoil back in 2011 that stemmed from the selling of his memorabilia. He was suspended by the team, and coach Jim Tressel resigned. Pryor initially stated he would honor the suspension and finish out the 2011 season.

Of course, we all know that didn’t happen. Likely seeing the writing on the wall or, more likely, dollar signs, Pryor left Ohio State and made himself eligible for the NFL supplemental draft, in which he was snapped up by the Raiders. For a program long seen as a bastion for reclamation projects, Pryor would serve as owner Al Davis’ last one, as he died later that year.

There will likely be no forgiving Pryor for his transgressions in Columbus, even through in the years since his departure, more insidious acts (and even sillier penalties) have permeated through college football. To put it another way, it’s much more likely that Johnny Manziel has made infinitely more money under the table than Pryor, and yet Johnny Football, for his wrongdoings, was only suspended one half of a game that Texas A&M was going to roll through anyway.

Keep in mind, too, Ohio State fans, that if Terrelle Pryor and his cohorts (Remember, there were quite a few players involved in this!) hadn’t messed up, you’d likely have never seen Urban Meyer show up at your doorstep. And he has led the Buckeyes to an 18-game winning streak, which is the longest current streak in the FBS.

But it’s probably easier not to like Pryor, even though things are clearly back on track for OSU. It’s OK. Nobody really blames you.


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