Dan Snyder Will Change the Name of the Redskins Because He Likes Money

As much of controversy this is, it’s all going to come down to simple greed.

Ever since Dan Snyder took over as the owner of the Washington Redskins, he’s has no problem making money off of anything and everything related to the franchise. What’s been of particular interest is that the thought of changing the name of the program hasn’t really been brought up.

Sure, the Redskins name has been considered to be offensive to Native Americans for countless years. However, for all the talk about, it just doesn’t seem like the team has made any indication that they want to change it, continuing to go on as if nothing is happening.

If Snyder looked at it from a purely financial standpoint, it’s baffling that he didn’t try to change the name years ago. Think about it for a moment. Once the name of the team gets changed, any merchandise with the old logo on it will, in all likelihood, have to be re-purchased by fans so they can be up to date. That, of course, means new jerseys, new hats, new beer cozies, new everything.

And yet, here we are, and Snyder still hasn’t done anything. I can’t imagine why. And I certainly can’t understand why he’s not being nudged harder by the NFL to make the switch. This is also not for any noble cause, either. Changing the logo and the subsequent sales of new merchandise will net the league a cut of the profits, thanks to licensing.

The beat still goes on for now. Washington’s football team is still called the Redskins, like it or not. Realistically, though, it’s probably something that will change at some point, because, of course, there’s money to be had, and any Skins fan who’s showed up to FedEx Field for a game can attest to, this team will try to get some more of it.


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