So Football Is OK During the Government Shutdown. Anything Else…?

I may consider this a personal bias, given that long ago, I covered non-revenue sports that are only ever relevant if it’s the Olympics and Michael Phelps is involved, but this is completely ridiculous.

The federal government is, for the most part, shut down, no doubt about it. Whatever your politics are, there’s at least one part of your lives that has to be inconvenienced by this while mess.

Most people may not realize that any extra-curricular activity involving all of the military academies are subject to this shutdown. This includes any sports from the Army, Navy or the Air Force.

And it’s the Air Force Academy that has been of particular issue. Because of their location to the other military academies, travel, apparently, has been particularly at issue. However, as far as football is concerned, both United and Delta has clearly had no problem making accommodations to make sure they’ve made it to football games.

For every other sport? This courtesy hasn’t been extended.

The swimming news Web site has been especially been vigilant in pointing out that while football has been able to go on without any interruption, travel from any other sports program has been essentially nixed. Even home meets, according to recent reports, are still in jeopardy.

So, apparent the public has no problem with making sure our military academies can compete in football, but any other sport, in spite of the commitment and effort from those athletes, don’t really count?

If this is the case, I can’t describe to you what kind of foolishness this is. If we have ever been serious about supporting our troops, that should, I’d think, include those who are training in our military academies.

So, somebody needs it together and get our military academy athletes, aside from the football team, enough outside support from this shutdown to let them compete as they should.


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