We Have to Pick Up Bernie Kosar (No, Really. He’s Getting His License Suspended!)

More details are coming out in the weekend arrest of former Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar for alleged drunk driving in Solon. There has always been speculation about the former football star and alcohol problems, though much of his behavior over the years has been document as part of the issues he has had with post-concussion trauma.

But whatever the issues he’s had in the past, this time around, there wasn’t much dispute that Kosar was not in a great state to drive early Sunday morning, according to the police report. I don’t think a head injury is going to explain away handing the officer two credit cards instead of your license and reciting the alphabet like you’re the Superman villain Mister Mxyzptlk.

So, it looks pretty likely that Kosar is going to have his driver’s license suspended, just on the strength of refusing to take a Breathalyzer. And with Kosar probably stuck without a way to get places, it’s time for us, Browns fans, to be there for our beloved Bernie.

That’s right. I say, as a public service, we should volunteer to take Bernie wherever he needs to go until he gets his license back.

It makes sense, right? I mean, Kosar picked us up when he took the Browns to two AFC Championship teams. The least we could do is pick him up and take him to his driveway!

And when he gets his license back, we really need to be on Designated Driver duty for this guy. Well, considering the amount of DUIs in the area, there should already be way more designated drivers than there are, but let’s start small. If Browns fans are truly still enamored with Kosar, they’ll at least make sure he doesn’t get the chance to wrap his car around a tree after a night at the bar.

We can do this, Browns fans. And if this works, perhaps we can do the same for Greg Little. But again, baby steps.


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