With Jeffrey Loria as Owner, the Marlins Have No Chance

Michael Hill was named run baseball operations for the Miami Marlins, replacing Larry Beinfest, whose claim to fame was to build the World Champion 2003 squad, as well as numerous fire sales since that time.

But let’s be realistic, no matter who’s running the front office, one thing is obvious. Jeffrey Loria is the owner, and Jeffrey Loria will do whatever he wants with this team, and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop him.

If any of this sounds familiar, we should all keep in mind that Loria is the same guy who squeezed the Montreal Expos dry. His reward for incompetence? Major League Baseball took over the team, sold it to a group that turned the Expos into the Washington Nationals and Loria went on to purchase the Marlins.

As far as sports owners go, Loria should rank up there with Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling as the worst one around. He gets the nod above Sterling on the strength of convincing Miami-Dade County government to building him a gaudy monstrosity of a stadium the taxpayers will be on the hook for until the end of time.

Which reminds me, citizens of Miami-Dade County. You’re stuck footing Loria’s bill, and that’s the fault of your elected officials. If you didn’t bother to vote out those guys, I really have no sympathy for you.

But back to Loria and his shenanigans. Time and again in the last decade, he’s overstepped his subordinates on baseball decisions and ordered salary dumps at every turns, including last year (You know, the debut year of the expensive stadium), in which he swapped his most expensive players for a couple of washing machines.

He’ll do it again, too, no matter what Hill or stepson David Samson, who happens to be Marlins President say. And Loria will do it for no other reason than to line his own pockets, win-loss record be damned.

So, Miamians, don’t get used to seeing guys like Giancarlo Stantion or pitching phenom Jose Fernandez for very long. You know as well as I do Loria will drop them like a hot potato the second they get too financially burdensome.

Edit: And the day after I posted this, Yahoo! Sports posts that the Marlins are selling tickets unused from Sunday’s game against the Tigers in which Henderson Alvarez pitched a no-hitter. For $15. You stay classy, Marlins.


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