Why Passing Off Sports Lists as Articles Is Silly

Earlier this week, Cleveland fans had a reason to be annoyed when a writer from GQ Magazine decided to post a list of the 20 worst sports franchises in history. Of course, at the top of the list was every Cleveland team.

I’m sure you know the writer of this piece by now, which many of you have had no problem used to tear him apart. He shall remain nameless here for many reasons, but mostly because of being very guilty of committing journalistic malpractice. Well, that and the fact he also wrote a list of the worst rappers, in which he included Eazy-E and Too Short.

Back to this journalistic malpractice deal, though. It’s not like this writer pulled the idea of throwing together a sports list out the thin air. Look around. He probably got it from a place like Buzzfeed, who’s posted enough lists to kill a horse.

However, it’s more likely that he got the idea from a site like SB Nation or Bleacher Report; probably Bleacher Report, though.

And this is the biggest problem I have not only with the guy from GQ, but with the Bleacher Reports of the worlds. Posting up a list of anything related to sports, for the most parts, requires the least amount of effort, along with throwing in a joke or two. Half of the lists I’ve seen over the yearsin reality, are regurgitations of information I’ve seen from other sites that actually did the research.

This, of course, brings us back to the GQ list. It’s about as much based in reality as the Loch Ness Monster, and seriously, any list like this that doesn’t include the Marlins at all shouldn’t be taken seriously anyway.

Any venue that has any member of their team putting these thing up just makes themselves look ridiculous, and obviously drags down the value of the medium. It’s why, even though Bleacher Report just brought on New York Times writer Howard Beck, they didn’t improve their credibility; they just brought down Beck’s.

Do better, media. You haven’t proven that you will lately, but at least try.


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