If You Go or Went to a College Besides Ohio State, Do You Root for the Buckeyes Anyway?

College football is a rite of passage, regardless of how complicated things can get off the field. And we all know it can.

If you live in Ohio, anywhere in Ohio, if you’re a college football fan, there’s a high likelihood that you’re an Ohio State fan. I’d like to say I’m one of them.

Well, that’s kind of complicated, too.

First, someone who’s never went to college and roots for the Buckeyes is great. They’re always on television and radio, plus wherever you go around Ohio, well, you get the idea. And really, with as many Cleveland footballs stars that have come out of Ohio State, why wouldn’t you?

However, here’s the thing I don’t get. If you graduated from another college besides OSU, especially one that actually fields a football team, I kind of have a hard time understanding rooting for Ohio State over your school’s team.

And I have to ask this because there are seven other colleges with Division I-A programs in the state of Ohio, not to mention countless Division I-AA, II and III programs as well. But it is the Division I-A schools not named Cincinnati (i.e. members of the Mid-American Conference) that I must particularly address.

There have been numerous reports over the years that many of the MAC schools have struggled to meet the minimum average of 15,000 per game required for Division I-A. Last year, it was Akron, who, despite a new coach in Terry Bowden, the Zips didn’t even crack 10,000. To be fair, though, they did only win one game.

Meanwhile, I’ll bet there’s not a day that goes by when Akron students walk past one of their classmates wearing Ohio State gear or talking about the Bucks.

Consider me that neutral third party. True, I did graduate from a school not named Ohio State, but I graduated from a college that doesn’t have a football team. I suppose I’m free to root for whomever I want, though I will switch that off the second basketball season starts.

That’s my reasoning. What about you, Student at College Not Named Ohio State? Is your team bad? Is it too cold to go out to a game? Is their mascot weird? What’s a football?

Hey, I had to ask that last question, if for no other reason than to make a Christmas Story reference.


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